Final phase of the risk analysis

The risk analysis now seems done.

Quite some time has passed since we proposed the first draft of the FlowingMail protocol.

The first version of FlowingMail came out as a sparks in our brain and was immediately put on paper, but then a calm period followed during which we slowly started a risk analysis of our proposed implementation.
After major trimmings and adjustments, a completely different version of the protocol was born: the original goals are still there, but the new version of FlowingMail has little resemblance with the original proposal.

The following image represents the latest risk analysis (generated from the XML file inĀ Click the image to enlarge.

Risk Analysis 20140412

The green boxes are requirements, the other boxes are risks and their color depend on the risk severity after it has been mitigated by the requirements.

What are the difference between the new proposal and the original one?

The new protocol is suitable only for desktop PCs (the calculation of the header ID requires intensive computational resources), therefore the mobile application will just connect to an user’s PC and use the PC as a FlowingMail gateway.

A complete specification paper will be published soon, then finally the development of a client application can start, for real.

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