The security vs usability dial

Few comments about FlowingMail ask: “Why FlowingMail? Why not BitMessage? Why not Retroshare? Why not something else?”

For me, it is about compromising security and usability: finding the right position in the Usability-Security dial is a personal matter, and my choice doesn’t fit in neither BitMessage nor Bote I2P nor Retroshare nor Emails.

I’ve tried to like BitMessage, but the delivery time of several hours has putted me down. Plus, the bandwidth needed by the client was simply too much: BitMessage transmits everything to everybody in order to hide the parties involved in the communication, but this limits its application to desktop machine connected to a large bandwidth network (a no-no for mobile devices).

Here there is a comparison table, and FlowingMail ticks the right boxes for me, but it may not be suitable for you.
For instance, for me the possibility to change the encryption keys every now and then is a good thing: in the case your machine get compromised and the private encryption key is leaked then the attacker could decrypt only the mails sent with the compromised key.

FlowingMail BitMessage RetroShare I2P Bote Plain Email
Ease of use Easy Easy Easy, once the keys have been exchanged by normal email Medium Easy
Encrypted Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Scalable Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Anonymous Not now Extremely Yes Yes No
Encryption key can be changed Yes, with expiration date No No No Not applicable
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