FlowingMail: a P2P secure, encrypted email system

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FlowingMail is the name of a new P2P secure and encrypted email protocol, while FlowingMail Client is an email client that uses the protocol.

The most used email systems rely on a central server that receives, stores and forward the messages.
The recent news about PRISM and the closure of Lavabit shown that users cannot rely on such systems for private communications and for an uninterrupted service.
When a central server is involved in the communication then it’s easy to identify the parties that have to be searched, closed down or threatened in order to retrieve the messages that are sent through the network.

The protocol is loosely based on BitTorrent, with some ideas coming from the BitMessage protocol.

The FlowingMail emails are signed and encrypted by the sender: only the receiver is able to decrypt the messages.

Messages and public keys are announced using a variant of the Kademlia DHT, while the encrypted emails are transferred in BitTorrent fashion.

All the communications happen over the UDT protocol (UDP based data transfer), which offer high speed for data transfer and partial reliability on point-to-point messages.